N​eck Traction: Increase range of motion, improves posture and helps disc problems.

FIX: The Adjustment


Dr. Brent Kowalke offers many different techniques to make you comfortable. If you prefer a gentle technique, we use Activator or Arthrostim. We also adjust by hand using Toggle Recoil for upper cervical, Diversified, Gonstead and Pettibon

Core Muscle Stimulation : Tapotement massage to relax muscle and ligaments.

Wobble Chair: Increase low back motion and help disc problems.

Based on what you present with, we will use a variety of the above procedures. Each patient is unique and may require different services.




Spinal Health and Correction Center

Advanced Chiropractic, Pain Relief, Disc and Scoliosis Care

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Vibrating Traction: Relax tight ligament and muscles, improves posture disc problems and scoliosis.

SET: Keep It There or Rehab

Light Therapy: Helps with wound healing, nerve pain, circulation and inflammation.

Electric Muscle Stimulation: Relax muscles and ligament, decrease pain and inflammation.

At Spinal Health and Correction Center, Dr. Brent Kowalke uses a unique set of procedures. We get the muscles and ligaments to relax, perform a chiropractic adjustment and rehab to keep it there.

Exercises: Specific at home or in office exercises to help stabilize the spine or extremities.

Traction Table: ​Improve range of motion, relax muscle and ligaments help disc problems.

Therapeutic Ultrasound: Decrease pain, inflammation and swelling.

The Adjustment

Dr. Brent Kowalke offers a variety of techniques to make you feel comfortable. If you prefer a gentle technique, DropsActivator or Arthrostim can be used. We also adjust by hand using Toggle Recoil for the upper neck, Diversified, Gonstead and Pettibon. Dr. Kowalke also treats shoulders, elbows. wrists, hips, knees and ankles

Relax or Prehab

Keep it there or rehab

Vibe Plate: Strengthen core muscle, improve posture, decrease pain and inflammation and increase bone healing.

Spinal Weighting: Strengthen weak muscles and restore curves.